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Our company, the Szultzer Tax Advisor and Auditor Ltd (Szultzer Kft. ) has been at the disposal of Hungarian and foreign customers for more than 15 years. Our main fields of activity are IFRS- and local GAAP-compliant auditing, tax and financial advising, IFRS- and local GAAP-compliant bookkeping. Our mission is to provide a high quality and reliable service during the whole life cycle of a company from the establishment till the liquidation. Our staff consists of IFRS-certified auditors, tax advisers, payroll managers and IFRS-certified bookkeepers speaking German and English. We also speak Russian and basic Mandarin Chinese but we prefer English as a business language. Our office is located in 11th district of Budapest, capital of Hungary, 5 minutes away from M1 Wien-Budapest motorway. We hope to welcome you as our business client or partner!

Meet our team

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dr. Szultzer Ilona

CEO, IFRS and local GAAP certified auditor, accountant and tax advisor
“Business is not only about financials; in fact, it is much more, it is about trust and teamwork.”
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Földes Mária

Accountant intern
I have been working in finance and accounting since 1986 and have been with Szultzer Kft since 2003. I speak fluently Romanian.
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Süttői Mónika

Certified accountant and payroll manager
I have a school degree as an accountant and subcontractor. My work is mainly covered by payroll, in whose field I have been active for more than 10 years. My clients include larger companies, even social security disbursements.
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Balázsiné Csatai Anna

Certified accountant and tax advisor
“I deal with a variety of tax advisory cases in various sectors in Hungary. I pride myself in answering client questions by providing options for each considered case.”
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Csatai Eszter

Certified accountant and tax advisor
“I have started working at Szultzer Kft in 2009 and my work with clients gives me variety and interesting problems to solve day to day. I speak intermediate English which is very helpful for our international clients.”
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Darabos Katalin

IFRS- and local GAAP-Certified accountant, tax advisor and payroll manager
After completing my master’s degree in Cum laude, I gained several degrees in Tax Advisory, Auditing and Labor. I am currently working as a doctoral student at the Széchényi István University. I am at the disposal of my clients in the field of bookkeeping, auditing, taxation and employment in the upper secondary English and middle German language.
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Zatykó Nikolett

I got the basics of my professional skills during financial and accounting training. I am currently carrying out my bookkeeping studies. With my knowledge and experience I can help guide our customers in the world of accounting and taxation.
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Tencz Orsolya

Certified Accountant, Wage and TB Administrator
After completing my Masters degree, I started working as an accountant. Since then, I have been obtaining the compulsory 3-year experience in this field and am now working as a registered accountant at Szultzer Kft. In addition, I also have a secondary school degree as a subcontractor. I have an upper level German language exam, but my clients can confidently turn to me in English.
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Hugyecz Tímea

I’ve been working in the profession since 2015. After obtaining my qualification in finance accounting, I am currently in the process of accounting for bookkeeping. In my work I always look for a challenge, striving to obtain current information, speed, flexibility and precision every day.
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Kókai Attila

Certified accountant
First I got my financial accounting administrator, then my entrepreneurial certified accounting degree. I have been working in Accounting Area in Accounting Office since 2015. Currently I am a student at the Budapest University of Economics Faculty of Finance and Accounting.


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