Changes in Labor Code

In accordance with the provisions of the GDPR General Data Protection Regulation, the Labor Code is amended. We would like to highlight two important details of the changes in order to ensure legal compliance:

Purpose of data management

The employer may require the employee to make a declaration or to disclose personal data that is relevant to the establishment, performance, termination (termination) of the employment relationship or the enforcement of a claim arising from law. Demonstration of the document can be demanded, but no copy can be made of it!

Using corporate IT devices

According to the amendment, the information technology or computing device or system provided by the employer for work can only be used for the performance of the employment relationship, which can be deviated from by agreement. The employer can only check the data related to the employment relationship during the inspection.

The amendments will enter into force on the 15th day after the promulgation of the law passed on April 1 (about 1 May).



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