Payroll calculation, Social security administration

Payroll preparation for monthly regular and non-regular incomes

  • calculation of wages and salaries, other personal allowances;
  • records of overtime in accordance with legal requirements;
  • management of deductions;
  • managing employer contributions;
  • monthly payroll transfer lists at the contract date;
  • handing monthly deliveries to bookkeeping;

Full administration for social security agency

  • preparation of the administration required for the assessment of incapacity for work (sickness benefit, accident sickness benefit, childcare sickness benefit, etc);
  • preparation of the administration needed for the assessment of family benefits;
  • pension preparation;
  • consulting

Keeping job records

  • by organizational unit and by person;
  • registration of holidays;
  • cafeteria registration;
  • Registering school qualifications;
  • consulting on employer’s termination;
  • preparation of employment-related forms.


Many of our clients rely solely on our payroll services, since by outsourcing payroll activities savings can be achieved. We are currently responsible for about 600 payrolls. Our clients include social security agencies as well.